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You rested your head on her shoulder and watched her take a selfie of the two of you before posting it to snapchat, which earned a questioning look from you and Krystal.“The cutest couple photos are the ones of real couples.” She explained, proceeding to flop back against the couch and continue to play on her phone.

Sunny: She had been looking on your phone, playing a game as notifications kept popping up.

You leaned against her and looked at what she was looking at.“The photo’s already got out? I just did the shoot today.” “You and your girlfriend are so cute.” Jessica said, showing you all the pictures. ” You lightly hit her leg, and shook your head, “I’ll be there next time you pay me to go on a date.” This time it was her turn to gently push you away from her for a moment before pulling you against her again.

She handed the phone back to Krystal, and pulled out her own.

Jessica scrolled through the pictures, not quite sure how she felt about it. ” Jessica read aloud, showing her sister the caption under one photo that captured you and Solar talking off set.

“Yeah, Y/N and I are pretty close.” Taeyeon agreed, “They’re not dating Irene.” she added politely.

The MC laughed a bit and nodded, “Alright, sorry about that tangent there, let’s move to the next question.” After the show, Taeyeon walked backstage and was surprised to find that you had been watching the whole thing.

You walked through the door, your hair still messed up from the photoshoot.

You set your bag on the table and walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch next to Jessica.

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Not unless we go public.” You said, lightly kissing her, her pouty face too cute to resist.

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