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There are several critical differences in Hamer Radshaw to Mac Donald as we follow his career up to the beginning of World War II.He's contrasted with Bernard Miles whose character is based on a combination of Arthur Henderson and Ernest Bevin.War hero turned villain George Martin escapes from prison, but he is handcuffed to a naive young crook Willie Stannard.After using a clever plan to obtain railway tickets, and with the ...See full summary » Hamer Radshaw rises from a Manchester slum to an important post in the British Cabinet but, along the way, his strong socialist beliefs undergo modifications to the extent that, while maintaining them in principle, he diametrically opposes them in practice.His 'spur' for prosperity and social status causes him to sacrifice his ideals and friends, including allowing his wife, a fighter for women's rights, to be jailed.Fame Is The Spur is a fine film and a favorite of mine among the work of Michael Redgrave.

The first involves 18-year-old (in the film) Peggy ...He's a trade union man like Ernie Bevin, but Bevin was in the second ranks of the Labour Party movement in the early days.The positions of Henderson/Miles and Mac Donald/Redgrave are reversed in regard to World War I.The post Prager 20180112 – 3 Open Lines appeared first on Pragertopia. Do you think this will increase or decrease gun use by criminals? Dennis talks to James O'Keefe, Founder and President of Project Veritas. The post Prager 20180111 – 3 No Scholarship appeared first on Pragertopia.

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