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[14]While Zarqawi’s militants formed groups that were sometimes reported as separate organizations, the U. State Department eventually classified them together under the name of the most prominent Zarqawi organization, Jama’at al-Tawhid wa’al-Jihad (JTJ).

[15] JTJ’s first operation was in Jordan, the murder of USAid officer Laurence Foley in 2002.

The attack prompted at least 27 retaliatory strikes against Sunni mosques the same day in Baghdad alone, and violence between Shiites and Sunnis escalated.

[34] [35] Local backlash against the group continued, prompting AQI to join an umbrella group called Majlis Shura al-Mujahidin (MSC) in order to present itself as a more Iraqi group, willing to cooperate with other organizations. [37] However, the MSC was a coordination body at most, a media front at worst, and had little to no control over what AQI did.

Facing backlash from the community and increased pressure from U. and Iraqi forces, the group declined until 2011, when it began to grow through its involvement in the Syrian Civil War.

[17] Some joined from the Kurdistan-based jihadi group Ansar al-Islam, which had been operating in Iraq before Zarqawi’s group came, and JTJ began to actively recruit other Iraqis.During the 1990s, Zarqawi adopted a Salafi ideology and was arrested for his criticism of and plots against the Hashemite dynasty.[5] While in prison, he gained a following by smuggling statements out of prison to be published on Salafi websites.[28] [29] AQI’s increasingly violent attacks prompted Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden’s second in command at the time, to send Zarqawi a letter urging him to foster better relations with Iraqi leaders.[30] However, Zarqawi often ignored AQ orders and continued to alienate potential supporters with his tactics, such as the bombing of a hotel in Amman that killed mostly civilians in November 2005.

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[21] [22] Both JTJ and Zarqawi were among the most prominent faces of the insurgency.

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