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Looking worried, Carl quickly picked up his card and turned to pay the cashier. I survived, but my ovaries didn’t.” “I’m sorry.” He knew that was a cliché, but what else was there to say? I did childcare in college and now I work at a children’s center.

Harriet left her food at the counter, followed him out and saw him go into a nearby office building. Since I couldn’t have my own, I decided to help other people’s children.” “Makes sense.” “Then the President made his announcement,” Harriet explained.

His family knew of course, but they were back in Baltimore. She does what she’s told, but doesn’t try to tell other people what to do.” “OK, then either you need one combined boss-mother or you have two, one to be the boss and one to be the mother.” She’d met men like Carl before, they hadn’t really thought through who they needed to pick. He knew he’d need a mother, but he hadn’t thought of taking a boss concubine. No, that would be too much like being back in Baltimore with his mother, his aunts and their friends. Sometimes it’ll be two friends, sometimes it’ll be sisters. Lacking experience he wanted to start at the shallow end.

Every so often his mother would drop hints about one of her friends, or a friend’s daughter, who would make a good “companion”; she never used the word “concubine”. Pat, Harriet’s first candidate mother, was twenty-nine and reminded him too much of his own mother, so he had to disappoint her.

Any potential concubine would be aware of it to some degree.

After her internship ended, Zandra moved into Carl’s apartment while she finished college.

The only women who ignored the number on his CAP card had a good score themselves.“I’ve seen yours, so you can see mine.” She got her CAP card out of her purse and held it out for him to see. That’s mostly what I do now, find concubines for sponsors and sponsors for concubines.” “Sounds helpful.” “I like to think so. He didn’t like that; they were only after the piece of plastic, without really caring about the person carrying it. ” As she’d told him, Harriet had done this sort of thing before. “You men are all the same, you like the young stuff. He was still embarrassed by the subject, even if Harriet wasn’t. What happens now is that I go and look through who I’ve got available to find people who might suit.” She didn’t mention that she’d be checking his background as well. Carl hadn’t thought about children, but the good mothers all had children and they wanted to keep their kids with them. He figured he could cope with one or two young ones to start with; three might be too many, so he asked Harriet to keep it to one or two.It’s a lot better than a five minute blowjob to decide.” He nodded agreement, she was right about that. After graduating he’d moved cities for a job and had kept quiet about his score; mentioning it would only start the parade of ‘offers’ again. He got on with everyone in college and at work, but in his bed was different. “With two young ones it’s good if they can have a friend in the family. Friends are fine, but not sisters.” “How about adopted sisters, with different parents? She needed to be sure her girls would be going to a good sponsor. Letting Harriet search for concubines was a good idea; it wouldn’t let his score out among the people he knew at work and she wouldn’t swamp him with offers from her side. There would be a lot of babies coming, but that was for later.After Carl called her, Harriet decided to try him with one of her more difficult to place pairings.They were best friends and wanted to stay together, but the younger one was a virgin and wanted to stay that way for the moment.

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