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___________________ DIARY _____________ _________ 13th Jan. I’ve just come back from Somerset where I was very kindly invited to a shoot on Friday.many of us don’t have conventional filters, and ferrous material can be trapped in the detergent and run thru those all-important softer metals in bushings.With this understanding, I run neo magnets in my sump, and if I have lots of them, I put lots of them in there.Remember, leaving them as they are won’t diminish their value but inappropriate repair might well make them worth less, maybe much less! ______________________________________________________ Find your way around – There is a MENU of PAGES used for fixed items along the top of the screen.All the regular POSTS are in the HOME page – use the menus on the right to jump to whichever POST you want, or the MENU below the header will show you POSTS that are relevant to the given subject and the top menu on the right will keep you up to date with changes…

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