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In Spain’s biggest cities with over one million inhabitants, Podemos comes first on 23.6 percent.Finally, in the breakdown of the results by social class, Podemos gets highest support from middle and upper-middle-class professionals, scoring 23.2 percent, double the backing received by the PP and Socialists.Other eye-catching proposals are the idea of a fixed living allowance for all citizens in a bid to end dire poverty and reducing the retirement age to 60.A Podemos government would halt evictions of mortgage defaulters and recognize a Palestinian state. Since the party’s surprise result in May’s European elections in Spain, when Podemos burst out of obscurity to win almost eight percent of the vote, opinion polls have reflected a steady growth in support.The group's Twitter account has 417,000 followers or more than twice the number of the ruling Popular Party, while they have clocked up 834,000 Facebook likes.Since then, chief spokesman Pablo Iglesias has appeared on increasingly mainstream television shows, where his earnest claim that Podemos has been formed in order to win power has begun to sink into the collective consciousness as a real possibility.

The leaders of the major parties have had little to say about the party now outpolling them, so little in fact that Iglesias has expressed his surprise that no one in government has made any approach to him to discuss the political scenario.

Moving up the age scale, however, Podemos’s support begins to tail off, with only 5.7 percent of over 65s saying they would vote for the new party.

Podemos gets a similarly low score in municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants, in other words, rural villages, where only 7.3 percent support the group.

Underlining the entire platform is a proposed change in political culture, bringing transparency and participative democracy to all institutions. In November’s survey by the government’s CIS research centre, Podemos came first in voter intention with 17.6 percent saying they would vote for the party "if general elections were held tomorrow".

In the CIS’s overall estimate of a general election result at this moment, Podemos came third on 22.5 percent, behind the PP and Socialists.

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But just who are they, what do they want, and could they win the country's next elections? Podemos was also a motto adopted by a Spanish TV channel during the national football team’s glorious era of victories in the European Championships and World Cup. While many of Podemos’s policies seem to have their origins in left-wing politics, such as the idea of a salary cap for high earners, the group’s leaders shy away from any such definition.

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