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Kiriakis mansion - 13201 Glen Oaks Drive, Salem, U. Victor had a short romance with Kimberly Brady, but she cut it off and returned to Shane.

When blood tests seemed to indicate Andrew Donovan, IV, was his child he sued for custody, not knowing that Emma Donovan Marshall had duped everyone into thinking Victor was the father.

In 1987 Caroline Brady pleaded for Victor to forget that Bo was his son, because it was causing stress on Bo and Hope's marriage, and the family.

Later we would learn that Caroline had an affair with Victor several years back, an affair which resulted in the birth of Bo Brady.

Victor forged papers saying he was sterile, and wasn't Bo's father.Unknown to Victor Bo had an ulterior motive; he was trying to bring down Victor's crime syndicate.Later in 1986 Victor learned that Kimberly was pregnant, and the child could be his.Later with Alex Marshall's help Victor began buying up large portions of the businesses in Salem.In 1986 Victor had a meeting with Caroline Brady, who ended up holding him at gun point.

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