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Especially when instead of opening music, there’s a track of birds chirping and the lighting resembles daybreak.

Emily Haines has stated in interviews her friendship with and affinity for Lou Reed and his wife, the musical performance artist, Laurie Anderson and seems eager to take up a similar performative mantel.

Mae is a sweet-natured woman with just a little baggage—a 0 million inheritance.

When her womanizing boyfriend Henry dallies with her protective aunt, the world seems too much for her.

It may have taken over ten years for Emily Haines to release her second solo album, Choir of the Mind, but she was very busy the whole time with Metric, a wealth of collaborations, and guest appearances with Broken Social Scene among others.

With a schedule as busy as hers, it was lucky that she had time to do anything, much less write and record an album.

It may take Haines another ten years to make her third solo album, but hopefully when she does it will be as richly melodic, subtly dynamic, and emotionally powerful as this one is.

Emily Haines is a bit of a queen bee of the indie music scene.

Her vocals have enough understated power and graceful beauty that she could basically sing anything and it would sound lovely; instead, her songcraft lifts the album into rarified air.

Working in Metric's studio with her bandmate James Shaw and utilizing a piano from the 1850s on many tracks, Haines takes a more intimate route than her band usually does.

Many of the songs are stripped down to one or two instruments and Haines' vocals; some have a more arranged sound but still feel aimed directly at the listener alone, not at a mid-sized arena full of fans.

She’s the front woman of the electro-pop band Metric and moonlights as a singer in Broken Social Scene, both groups nearly 20 years into their respective runs, but her heart, soul, and taste take enter stage in her solo effort Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton.

It’s been an eagerly awaited decade since her previous album , veer toward grappling with depression and BIG ideas.

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