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The story of the first source comes straight out of the pages of a spy thriller.In the spring of 2002, the CIA’s head of station in Paris, Bill Murray, was told by French intelligence, whose government had good links with the Iraqi regime, that a senior member of Saddam’s cabinet might want to defect with his family and had a great deal of intelligence that he might wish to share.Much of the key intelligence that was used to justify the war was based on fabrication, wishful thinking and lies - and as subsequent investigations showed, it was dramatically wrong.

By whom and at what level he does not know, but he thinks he knows why. ‘Very bad intelligence got to the leadership very quickly but other intelligence just didn’t make it.’ In the end Naji Sabri did not defect and give President Bush his moment of triumph in the glare of the cameras but he did manage to get out of Iraq.

For the White House, such a defection offered the salivating prospect of a senior member of Saddam’s cabinet recanting on prime time television.

The source, Murray was informed, hated Saddam who had murdered his brother, and now seemed prepared to do business.

Tenet spoke of a source ‘with direct access to Saddam and his inner circle’ who had talked of Iraq “stockpiling chemical weapons” and “aggressively and covertly” developing a nuclear weapon that could be ready in 18 to 24 months.

Tenet added that he could not have ignored or dismissed such reports. Murray maintains this did not reflect what he had written and passed on to New York.

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But the intermediary met him at the Iraqi Ambassador’s residence in New York.

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