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final fantasy xvassassin's festivalignis scientianoctis lucis caelumprompto argentumvideoffffxvassassin's festival spoilersi've never heard that word beforeso i looked it upapparently it dates back to the 1800s in rome! AND you get a joke out of itbecause who'd be more likely to perform feats of mental agility than specs?? Ignis: Can’t spell “funambulism” without “fun.”Noctis: How do you even know that word?We haven’t really done anything quite like that and I thought it’d be eye-catching as well as give easier access to the displayed books.Plus they’re really eye-catching since they’re in a drafty part of the library, and therefore nicely twirl.Before I go much further, I have to thank Michael at the Main Library for compiling all of the books – it saved me a huge amount of time.

The “bachelor descriptions” being suspended from the ceiling was a last-minute decision.I tried stacking some mass market books from our ongoing book sale and then wrapping them in a plastic yellow tablecloth.Um, yeah, I don’t like the look at all (the left side is okay, it’s the bunchy right-hand side that kills me).I had 24 hours to deliver, just in case there was some prep- like running to the store to get cool whip. I didn’t even go buy tons of new lingerie or anything- I just used what I already have and spiced it up by giving it a name, maybe adding a new accessory, or changing up the position. Or you could just leave the card out in the door hanger for your husband if you like to be the one in control of what you are doing. **************************************** Wow, Thanks Katee for the great idea!

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Now, virtual reality seems to be the next logical step in dating technology.

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