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And Davydova is impressed by those men who wed women with three or four children from a previous marriage - 'and do not mind this'.

They are also 'polite with the servants and cleaners - they will never abuse these people', while seeing it as 'beneath their dignity' to complain about food or poor service in a restaurant.

COSTA MESA, Orange County — It was a surreal visit to Rep. The 15-term Republican greeted me in bare feet, sitting on his front step making fundraising phone calls while wearing a stained white T-shirt and khakis he bought at Goodwill.

Because, he said, “of Russia.” Rohrabacher describes himself as the lone voice against both conservatives and liberals who want retribution against Russia for meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

British men of a certain age make ideal husbands for younger, glamorous Russian women - even if they do have some strange habits, according to a new best-selling book in Moscow.

The vote of confidence comes from author Elena Davydova, once an executive with Russian Playboy, who said she was so happy with her English husband that it made up for living in the 'godforsaken town' of Swanage in Dorset, where she now has a home.

He wants to cut a deal with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and thinks the Charlottesville riots were staged by liberals and were “a total hoax.” He’s both a puka-shell-necklace-wearing surfer and a fierce anti-Communist who bragged about battling with Afghan mujahedeen during a fact-finding trip shortly before being sworn into Congress that “probably resulted in the deaths of a number of Soviet troops.” During our visit, he largely dismissed human influence on climate change and strummed a guitar whiling singing a song he wrote about libertarian ideals called “Individual Man.” If you’re a Democrat, you’re thinking, “How is this guy still holding office in California?

” Standing at the corner of Fringe and Conspiracy streets, Rohrabacher would seem to be easy picking for Democrats, who are making Orange County the centerpiece of their plan to return to power in the House by flipping 24 GOP seats.

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