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Plastic Vortex is based on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass of human-made debris caught in the swirling gyres of the North Pacific Ocean.The first animal to cross the vortex without choking on plastic wins.Some well known turn-based strategy games are Sid Meier's Civilization series, Heroes of Might and Magic series, Panzer General series and Age of Wonders series.A further market trend is the rise of "Indie" TBS games (games produced by small groups, independent or only somewhat affiliated with the major elements in the computer games industry).Reduce office work time using our professionally designed newsletter templates.Iran Bazi Online games are electronic games that are played online via the Internet.After a period of converting board and historic TBS games to computer games, companies began basing computer turn-based strategy games on completely original properties or concepts.

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Online free games that use a web browser as a client.

Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the Ph ET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations.

Ph ET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery.

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