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Here’s an image of the Boleto Turistico del Cusco, just because I like to publish something that’s actually useful to tourists every now and then on my web page. This little ticket is actually one of the better deals in the whole world of international tourism. In 2014, Peru´s Ministry of Culture changed the rules for the tickets, so read carefully the ticket types available, what entrances they include and how much they cost!Includes entrance to 16 attractions within Cusco, surrounding areas and the Sacred Valley, the Full Cusco Tourist Ticket is the most popular ticket to buy. Not all of the attractions listed on the ticket are must visit, but it does include the most popular attractions such as Saqsayhuman, Pisaq and Ollantaytambo.

The main request is to show the document for school student and original student ID card for university students. With the original student ID gives from the university in PVC material and it must have the next requirements: university information, personal student information, student picture, and expiration date valid only for one year, it year must coincide with the year that student visit Machu Picchu, the discount until 25 years old.

It’s located on Cusco’s main street, inside at Avenida El Sol 103, on the first block from the main square.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to their office however, as most of the sites included on the ticket can sell you the ticket at the site itself.

They also don’t include admission for Machu Picchu Citadel, the churches and cathedrals, the Maras Salt Mines, the Pre-Columbian Art Museum, the Inka Museum, Qoricancha Sun Temple (S/10), and the Casa Concha museum.

These sites have their own separate independent admission fees.

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