Advice for christian dating

We know it sometimes seems like hard work to find that special someone, especially if your search is not only compatibility based but faith-based as well.

Christian dating online can help you get around all the obstacles in your path to finding love, from meeting someone special who may not live near you, to fitting your search for love around your daily life.

Last month I wrote about the Old Testament and so-called ‘biblical dating’.I’m absolutely dreading it – I don’t know what to do with myself. ’ Earlier this year, I got invited to speak at a conference.It was related to my job and various experts in the field had been invited to speak.The internet has changed how we look for love – not only are we able to narrow our search, we’re also able to overcome what was once a huge obstacle to finding relationships – geography.It could be that your ideal date lives 10 miles away or 100 miles away – Christian dating online can help bridge the distance if you’re prepared to put a little effort into your search for the right relationship.

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A few weeks before the event, however, I developed cold feet and seriously considered pulling out.

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